The Nexialist Agency for Research and Communication is represented by Mark Kammerbauer, an urbanist, educator, writer, and researcher.

Mark's field of expertise covers risk and resilience in the built environment under consideration of socio-cultural issues, governance, and vulnerability. In the past 12 years he researched cases of disaster recovery and reconstruction in the USA, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines. He published numerous peer reviewed journal papers and book chapters and more than 30 articles for professional journals covering architecture theory and history, urban planning, urban studies, risk and disaster research.

Mark held teaching and research positions at international higher learning institutions, including the University of Queensland School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management; Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies; Tulane University Center of Bioenvironmental Research; Technische Universität München Fakultät für Architektur.

Mark contributes to select media and advises preferred clients. He loves all things related to Science Fiction, music, and architecture.




Recent writings: coronavirus pandemic, architecture, urban planning and design


For 20 years the Nexialist label served as repository for Mark's experimental audio, soundscape and media design and performances, titled Nexialist Operations. He collaborated extensively with Stephan Joel Weisser (Z'EV), Lee Bartow (Theologian), and MHz (Maurizio Blanco, Boris May).

Critical Void

Urban Evolution



Compositions I

Compositions II


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